Nom Château de Malmaison - Vue extérieure 9 Pierre Holley

Adults groups

Self-guided and guided tour

Preparing for your visit

The museum welcomes groups of 10 to 25 people (guide included). Beyond 25 people, it is necessary to form several groups.

Price €5.5 per person

For any group visit, reservation essential: / 01 41 29 05 58

Guided tour

The museum offers guided tours with a guide from the Réunion des Musées Nationaux in French, English, Spanish or French sign language.

Adult groups

Conference visits: 1h – €95, 1h30 – €145, 2h00 – €180

Discover Malmaison: The estate, the castle, its collections and the history of its illustrious occupants are revealed to you.

Napoleon, from general to Emperor: At Malmaison, a portrait of Napoleon Bonaparte emerges between a private man and a public figure. The museum evokes the dazzling career of the young general, the great hours of the Consulate and the history of the Empire.

Josephine, Empress of Fashion: Josephine's taste and refinement in fashion are evoked by the many representations of the Empress.

Porcelain, from one factory to another: The porcelain collections evoke the art of living at Malmaison, but also imperial orders and diplomatic relations.

Bonaparte and Beauharnais, family stories: This tour will allow you to better understand the alliances, rivalries and lineage of the Beauharnais and Bonaparte families.


Self-guided tour

You can organize a free visit or a guided visit with your own guide.

Audioguides are available directly at the cash desk.